Practice Areas: Civil Litigation

Our attorneys have been advising clients in state and federal courts on a wide spectrum of business disputes and personal injury claims for over thirty years. Contributing to our success are our unique and diverse backgrounds, which include experience in commercial aviation, certified public accounting, international business, securities, and risk management.

Insurance Defense and Subrogation

Representing insurers and their insureds’ interest is the backbone of our litigation practice. The attorneys at Cooling & Herbers are experienced in defending a wide array of products liability, strict liability and negligence claims. We have successfully defended wrongful deaths, personal injuries and property damage arising from major aircraft accidents to minor slips and falls. We aggressively protect the interests of the insureds in a cost-effective way. We are willing to pursue a subrogation with the same zeal, on a non-traditional fee basis.

Product, Warranty and Strict Liability

Our attorneys have successfully defended various mechanical and electronic product manufacturers, component manufacturers and many other manufacturing, distributing, and retail sales businesses in property damage, personal injury and wrongful death claims.

Premises Liability

We have represented a wide array of premises liability cases on public as well as private property.

Automotive Accidents/Negligence

Cooling & Herbers has selectively represented clients who have been severely injured in automotive accidents with remarkable results. We have also successfully defended clients alleged to have been negligent in automotive and busing accidents as well as vicarious liability claims against the driver’s employer.

Trucking, Rail and Maritime Accidents/Negligence

Our attorneys have assisted clients in transportation related accidents against owners and operators of watercraft, trucks and trains. We have represented numerous owners and operators in accidents involving over-the-road trucks, local delivery services, rail mishaps including intersection accidents, and a wide variety of Automobile accident litigation. Our experience includes cases of simple property damage as well as much more serious accidents involving multiple vehicles and multiple injury and death claims. These cases have included related claims such as product liability, governmental negligence and crashworthiness.

Personal Injury and Employment Claims

Cooling & Herbers selectively represents individuals and families that suffer catastrophic injuries or death from accidents. Attorney James Glover also accepts selected claims for workers’ compensation benefits and unfair employment practices.